MBA/Master of Leadership

In 2014, I led the development of this new combined degree at Deakin University that awards students with two Masters degrees - an MBA and a Master of Leadership - when they complete 16 units of study. And I'm delighted to say that the combined degree has gained all its approvals and can be studied from T2 2015 onwards.

This combined degree is an elegant thing as it satisfies the needs of both the MBA and the Master of Leadership. It was designed primarily for overseas students who want to study a two-year degree in Australia. Our MBA and Master of Leadership are both 18 month courses. You can study the combined degree if you are a domestic student, but in most cases it is usually simpler, more efficient, and offers better choices if you study the MBA first and top it up with the Master of Leadership.

The course code is D713.

Course Structure

Core Units

8 MBA Core Units

4 Master of Leadership Core Units


Currently, 4 Units chosen from the co-cores of both courses and/or MPA771, MPM704, MPR705, MPI702, MPK701, MPP701, MPP703, and MPP704. But from T3 we hope to give you the option of choosing from all postgraduate units in the university.

More Information

From more information, please contact the advisors at Deakin University: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.