Production Resources

The internet is now so well-populated with excellent videos about the filmmaking process that it is literally possible to teach yourself how to be a filmmaker for free. On this page, I want to guide you towards some of the better free films that I have found. I have clustered these in various filmmaking categories.



Film Crew:

Micro Budget Filmmaking:



Film Producton Stages:



HorrorOldSchool Short Films

Zoom vs. Moving Camera:

The Moving Camera:

The 180 Degree Rule:

Camera Angles:

Focal Length:

Point of View:

Composing the Frame:


Shot Types/Proximity:

Setting and Expressionism:

Form and Content:

Five Minute Film School

180 Degree Rule:

White Balance:

Three Point Lighting:

Rule of Thirds:

Camera Shots for People:

Depth of Field:


Focal Length:

Manual Exposure:

Film Crew:

Other Video Makers' Short Films

Breaking the 180 Rule:



Audio Tips for Filmmaking:

Filmmaking 101 - How to Record High Quality Audio on a Budget:

The History of Sound at the Movies:

The Science and Engineering of Sound:

Introduction to Foley and Sound Effects for Film:


General Advice

10 Top Tips for Beginners: