Pre-Production Resources

The web abounds with free material that can help you develop your pre-production skills. On this page, I have gathered together some of the video material and other resources that I thought were useful and interesting.


Narrative Structure and Storytelling

Narrative Structure in 40 Seconds:

Three Act Structure:

3 Act Structure:

How to Structure a Story: The 8 Point Arc:

A Person with a Problem (the protagonist):

The Seven Keys of Storytelling:

How to Make Short Films for Online Audiences:

Story and Plot:

The Seven Basic Plots:

Kurt Vonnegut Graphs the Plot of Every Story:

Plot versus Story in Alfred Hitchcock's Vertigo

Protagonist vs Antagonist:

Narrative First: Protagonists and Antagonists:

How to Write Compelling Loglines:



How to Write a Script:

Raindance's 7 Rules for Writing Short FIlms:

Whatascript! The Top 7 Deadly Flaws of a Bad Screenplay:

8 Tips for Screenwriters:

Martin Scorsese on Story vs Plot:

Charlie Kaufman on Screenwriting:


Script Templates

Final Draft Free Trail:  [Sadly FInal Draft have stopped their free trial offer, but it is worth checking their site in case it comes back online.]

Slugline Free 14 Day Trial: [Excellent basic scriptwriting software. Does everything that most people will need. Only for Macs at the moment. Also available for purchase from the App Store.]

Trelby (Free screenwriting software for PCs):

BBC template for Film and Single TV Drama:

Other BBC Script Templates:

Simple documentary script template in Word: