For several years now, I have been taking digital photographs of the sky at various times of the day and night and in differing weather conditions. This has produced a bank of images that I use in workshops and classrooms to achieve three things. The first use is to stimulate people’s creativity. The images help people find new ideas, find solutions to difficult situations, think outside of the box, and envision different futures. The second use is to help people reflect. This has been particularly successful in the classroom to help students think about how to maximise the benefits they get from their courses and also how their qualifications will fit into the rest of their lives. The third way I use them is as backdrops that capture different moods when filing people in a green screen studio.

Sky Pictures

If you would like to find out more about this project, please go to the project’s website at where you can see examples of the images, learn more about how the images are used, and have the opportunity to buy images as computer wallpaper or for illustrating your work.