This unit introduces students to ideas surrounding the social construction of leadership. In particular, if focuses on how perceptions are formed and might be manipulated. It is a very practical, applied, and experiential unit, with the main activity being the creation of your own original short film where perceptions of leaders are manipulated. You have to produce two versions of the same film, one in which one character is not seen as a leader and another in which the person is. Also, you have to create a 'Making Of' style documentary in which you capture the lessons from the week.

This unit, therefore, serves two purposes. First, it explores ideas associated with the social construction of leadership. Second, it provides an introduction to filmmaking; a crucial skill for all leaders in our media-obsessed world.

An exciting element of this course is that you have the opportunity to work with professional actors and filmmakers. On the third and fourth day of the course, we employ a dozen or so actors and actresses that you have to direct (i.e., lead) to get the performances you want. Professional filmmakers work with you to help you produce a polished finished product. We have invested heavily in this unit, so you get to work with professional cameras, tripods, lighting, microphones and so forth and your finished products will be uploaded to our Vimeo site for the world to enjoy.


Intensive Mode

This unit runs in intensive mode on the Burwood campus of Deakin University in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne. It usually runs in T2 or the break between T2 and T3, which is during the Melbourne winter. There is a little pre-reading, then one week of intensive study, and a final assignment due two weeks after the intensive week. Each weekday begins at 9.00am and runs through to 9.00pm. The final session is on the Saturday between 9.00am and 5.00pm.

     Monday: Leadership and an Introduction to Filmmaking

     Tuesday: Pre-Production

     Wednesday: Production

     Thursday: Production

     Friday: Post-Production

     Saturday: Screenings

Sign Up

Numbers are tightly controlled on this unit, so if you are keen to take it, please register quickly. If we know that we have more than 16 people early enough, we may be able to run a second presentation.



You can view all the videos the students produced during 2013 and 2014 presentations below or visit my Vimeo channel.


A Trip Down Ethical Lane

Written and Directed by Sam Headberry and Tracey Lefebure




The Legacy

Written and Directed by Damian Harris, Sarah McKinna, and Liz Rooney




A Mother is Born

Written and Directed by Simon Edwards, Melissa Harvey, and Simone Heald





Written and Directed by Murray Hyde and Rebekah Townsend