Billsberry, J. (1996; Ed.) The Effective Manager: Perspectives and Illustrations. London: Sage. English version. UK ISBN: 0 7619 5110-5 (hbk) 0 7619 5111-3 (pbk). This book has been translated and published in six other languages: Russian (ЗФФЕКТИВНБІЙ МЕНЕДЖЕР), Czech (Efektivní správce: Perspektivy a ilustrace), Slovak (Efektívny manažér: Perspektívy a príklady), Bulgarian, Romanian (Management competitiv: Perspective şi exemplificări), and Hungarian (Hatékony menedzser: Távlatok és illusztrációk).

- Review in the International Journal of Training and Development (1999, 3 (1), 74-80).


0761951113From the dust cover:

A comprehensive, up-to-date compendium of key articles, this lively and thought-provoking reader is an ideal introduction to management and organisational behaviour. It brings together some of the most interesting and accessible pieces written on the art and science of management, deliberately counterposing them to highlight alternative perspectives in a world where there are seldom 'single right answers' to complex problems.

The focus of the book is on the ideas and theories that a manager can use to become more effective. Six sections explore important aspects of the manager's job:

  • management, leadership and conflict
  • motivation and stress at work
  • organisational culture
  • decision-making and teams
  • staff development
  • diversity in organisations

In each section the reader will find articles which reflect major ideas or debates within the area, including those that challenge traditional views and ways of doing things. Does money motivate? Are teams useful? Does organisational culture exist? What role does sexuality play in the workplace? These are some of the questions asked. Throughout, the book underlines the need for managers to take into account the different contexts of time and culture in which they act.

The Effective Manager will be an invaluable resource for both students and professionals in general management, organisational behaviour, work psychology and human resource management.