I redesigned the Organisational Behaviour residential school in 2011. I ran it in 2011 with 48 students, 2012 with 36 students, and 2013 with 29 students and on three occasions the SETU score (i.e., students' satisfaction ratings) were above 4.8 (out of 5). This makes the course one of the highest scoring course in the faculty.

The residential school is mainly taken by students taking the MBA, the Master of Leadership, or the Master of Personal Injury. It begins at lunchtime on a Sunday and runs through to Friday lunchtime. It is an intense, but fun, school that introduces students to the following topics:

  • Personality
  • Motivation
  • Learning styles
  • Theories and arguments
  • Careers
  • Communication
  • Perception
  • Leadership
  • Groups and teams

Almost all of the sessions have a strongly practical feel to them. You will develop some interpersonal skills, such as listening skills and how to form arguments, find out about your own approach to managing, learning, and career progression, and engage in some creative practical activities, such as producing a short video.

The residential school runs in the third trimester, usually in November. There is usually a little bit of pre-work, but once the school is finished, there is no further work.