The Principles of Leadership is a cornerstone of the leadership suite of units. It serves as an introduction to leadership, helps you understand yourself as a leader, and develops some key leadership skills. In this unit, you will learn about the main leadership ideas, debates, and theories. As such, it is a vital piece of underpinning that prepares you for other leadership units. Also, this unit is incredibly practical and gives you an opportunity to explore your own leadership style and develop some cutting-edge leadership skills. This is an exciting unit, as the following teaser demonstrates.


MPR771 Principles of Leadership 2013 Teaser from Jon Billsberry on Vimeo.


You will gain the following from this course:

  • A thorough understanding of how others view your leadership style from a 360-degree assessment
  • Knowledge of your own mental model of leadership and how this biases your actions
  • A deep understanding of leadership theories
  • The application of leadership theories to your own circumstances
  • Improved digital communication skills


In addition to the interactive lectures, there are three centrepiece activities in the unit:

  • A 360-degree assessment of your learning style
  • The production of a short video in which you explain a leadership theory to your classmates
  • The production of a short film in which you apply leadership theory to real world issues


Here is a tremendous example of one of the theory videos, which was produced by Alice Hill, Shanyn Payne, and Rebekah Townsend during the 2014 residential school.



And here is an example of one of the longer programmes exploring an important leadership issue. This film was produced by Arindam Chaudhuri, Lynette Curtis, and Michael Sharp at the 2014 residential school.



Students who attended 2014’s Principles of Leadership residential school said the following:

“Learnt about myself as a leader in different locations/situations and [it has given me] insights into how I will approach leadership back in the workplace.”

“The opportunity to actually apply theory through real, fun and engaging activities meant I learned way more than I ever thought.”

“I can go right back to work and apply learnings tomorrow. I am going to make others better leaders as well.”

“Just bloody good all round.”


If you want to find out more about yourself, more about leadership, and develop your leadership skills, MPM771 Principles of Leadership is the unit for you.


Coming Soon in Campus/Cloud Format

In T2 2015, my colleagues Professor Ken Parry and Dr Andrea North-Samardzic will deliver Principles of Leadership in campus/cloud mode, in addition to the residential school version that I run in T1. The code is MPM771. You can sign-up for this unit now.