Delighted to be made a Fellow of the British Academy of Management (BAM) at the 2018 annual conference in Bristol
Winner of the Pearson-sponsored 2013 ANZAM Management Educator of the Year
Introducing Henry Mintzberg as the 2012 MED Keynote speaker
Organisational Fit: Key Issues and New Directions is published
Winner of Academy of Management Learning & Education's 2012 Outstanding Reviewer award
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Celebrating with my co-organisers (Ken Brown, Amy Kenworthy, and George Hrivnak) after the Research in Management Learning and Education (RMLE) Unconference at Bond University. A wonderful day.
Paper accepted in JMO on teaching leadership from a social constructionist perspective
2012 Erskine Fellow, University of Canterbury, New Zealand: Autumn colours in Christchurch
Paper on business school accreditation has just been accepted by the British Journal of Management
Moving Images: Effective Teaching with Film and TV in Management is available in all good book stores

ANZAM Management Educator of the Year

ANZAM Award 04 mediumI was delighted to win the 2013 Pearson-sponsored Australian and New Zealand Academy of Management (ANZAM) Management Educator of the Year award. The plaque and prize were presented to me at the annual conference in Hobart, Tasmania in December.

To win the award, I had to make a submission that was assessed in competition with others received. My submission had two strands to it. The first centred on the innovative teaching I've been developing on the Master of Leadership at Deakin University. In particular, I have designed units that include activities in which students produce their own videos, TV magazine programs, and original short films. In several of these activities, the students work with professional actors and filmmakers and use professional equipment to make their digital artefacts. The feedback on the initial offerings of these units was remarkable and this must have helped my submission.

The second strand to my submission focused on my contributions in stimulating innovative scholarly work in management education. I pointed to my involvement in the development of the Research in Management Learning and Education (RMLE) Unconferences, the first of which was well attended at Bond University on the Gold Coast in February 2013. I was also able to describe various clusters of people that I was able to bring together in the pursuit of new advances in the discipline. A good example being my introduction of the two people who will guest edit a special issue of the Journal of Management Education on threshold concepts.

One of the nice aspects of the award is an invitation to run a workshop on my teaching innovations at the 2014 ANZAM conference in December in Sydney.